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Серия высокосекретных многоканальных замков для стальных и бронированных дверей CR (Чиэррэ). Многоканальный замок (трехканальное запирание). Универсальная защелка, управляемая ключом и дверной ручкой. Устойчивость к силовому воздействию. Имеют защиту от «Сворачивания механизма» -ослабленные зубцы . Производство Италия.

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MinPin Series:

  • Patented keyless anti-theft system for wheels and saddle.
  • Easy and quick mounting.  No tools required.

Patent Concept:  In the horizontal position, the quick release lever is automatically locked; to unlock, the bike has to be lifted-up to the vertical position.  A special washer makes loosening or removal impossible even with a tool.  Used in conjunction with a U-Lock, this makes for the most secure bike lock-up possible.

To lock:  Install the skewers per the instructions and simply close.  The patented technology automatically locks the skewers when closed.  To unlock, the bike must be rotated past vertical.  Once past that, the skewers will automatically unlock and you can open them to remove your wheel if necessary. 

When leaving your bike unattended, be sure to secure with a good bicycle lock and lock the bike so that it cannot be moved past the 90 degree orientation.  This will secure your wheels and seat post!